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Biggest battery project delivers sustainable breakthrough in stabilisation of power grid

Energy-technology company REstore uses batteries at Terhills in Elia’s primary reserve

From spring 2018, 140 large batteries, amounting to 18 megawatts, will be available to be enabled in Elia’s primary reserve. Elia is the manager of the high-voltage grid. This European first makes use of the software solution from energy-technology company REstore. NV Terhills, the investor behind the project. This is the first battery platform of this scale that can be enabled in the primary reserves of the power grid. This way, a sustainable alternative to making use of gas plants to balance the grid can be offered. The project is being implemented at the Terhills site in Dilsen Stokkem and costs 11 million euro.    

The energy-technology company REstore has an innovative software platform, which allows batteries to be enabled in Elia’s primary reserve. The power grid, which operates at 50 Hertz, is currently dependent on gas plants to make short-term adjustments on the basis of deviations. The 140 batteries that will be connected to the grid will provide a sustainable alternative, through the REstore software. ‘Our software platform intelligently pools these high-tech batteries together with industrial machines and therefore ensures that the power grid can be balanced in a financially attractive and environmentally-friendly way. This is the first project in the world based on balancing in the primary reserve using batteries in combination with industrial machines,’ says Jan-Willem Rombouts of REstore.


The battery project is being implemented in the business zone at the Terhills site and requires a surface area of 1500 m². The 140 batteries amount to 18 megawatts. The project is being financed by NV Terhills, a subsidiary company of the Limburg Investment company LRM and amounts to a total of 11 million euro. ‘This battery project fits perfectly into the LRM climate-investment plan, with which we aim to help Flanders achieve its climate objectives. This is a unique project, through which, thanks to the Terhills site, we can contribute to resolving the balancing of the power grid in an environmentally friendly way,’ says Stijn Bijnens, CEO of LRM.

The project is now off the ground and should be active by spring 2018. The necessary permits and the authorisation for a direct connection to the neighbouring Infrax high-voltage substation have already been applied for. ‘We are very proud that we can provide room for a project of this scope within our municipality. It was therefore one of our priorities to handle the permit application as quickly as possible, just as Infrax carried out the connection survey in a very short period. Through good cooperation with the various parties, we can now make the next, innovative step in the field of energy,’ says Lydia Peeters, Mayor of Dilsen Stokkem.