The eastern winding tower

Facts & Figures

  • Protected monument

  • Constructed in 1921

  • Start of consolidation works on the winding tower: end of 2017

  • Provisional completion of works date: summer 2019

The eastern winding tower is an unmissable landmark in the Terhills landscape. This particular pithead frame is also called the "Puits de la Reine” (The Queen’s pit) because none less than Queen Elisabeth II visited the site just one year after its foundation in 1922, when this example of Eisden's mining heritage was still brand new.

The factor that makes this protected winding tower so exceptional is the choice of material used. Reinforced concrete was the predecessor of the classical steel construction used for pithead frames later. And these constructions had to be very sturdy. They played an indispensable role, transporting the coal, the miners and their materials. Almost a century later, the winding tower still stands proudly over the mineshaft.

Terhills will certainly give the eastern winding tower a new role. However, the exact re-designation of this unique asset is still open to consideration. Do you have an appropriate and above all original idea, be it a museum, catering facility or an experiential facility? If so, please contact us with an email to and, who knows, you might soon see your idea develop and become a part of Terhills!