Terhills Shuttle

Facts & Figures

  • Route length 4.2 km

  • Stops at every Terhills attraction

  • The full ride takes about 20 minutes

  • Start-up with electric mini-buses, and driver-less buses will follow

  • Expected opening date: December 2018

Terhills is providing a 4.2-kilometres loop-shaped route, connecting the various attractions in the area. This new road will ensure that all current and future points of interest will be parts of an integrated whole.

The road is embedded into the landscape as far as possible, to ensure minimum disturbance of the current fauna and flora. To that end, we are installing reptile grids and bat-friendly lighting. Eventually, electric driver-less buses will operate on the loop route.

The entire Terhills terrain (365 ha) is subject to restricted traffic. This new connecting route allows visitors to move smoothly around the entire area. And that will make all the experiences easily accessible, even for those who are less agile.