Ecotron Hasselt University

Climate-change research centre

Ecotron Hasselt University is a research complex located at the Terhills site. The university carries out research into climate change and its impact on biodiversity here.

The Ecotron is a unique, high-tech research centre in which the University of Hasselt will study the effects of climate change on our nature together with other international partners. This reflective research centre is made up of thirteen high-tech eco-system rooms, in which the climate of the future can be mimicked. The Ecotron is the final part of the development of the Field Research Centre, the University of Hasselt’s scientific base for international top research around biodiversity, environmental management and environmental development.

Would you like to find out more about the how and the why behind the research that takes place in this unique building? Groups can visit the Ecotron with a Ranger from the Hoge Kempen National Park as a guide. There is a separate offering for schools, in which pupils can discover the how and the why behind what is happening in the mysterious Ecotron themselves.

More information about dates and booking options can be found on the (RLKM) and (FRC) websites.