Active, sportive, recreational, and more, the range of activities on the Terhills site is as diverse as it is extensive. That is what makes every visit an experience. Whether you just come with your hiking boots to stretch your legs during a trek to the viewing point or arrive here with a full suitcase, ready to put up your feet during a relaxing break, you are always welcome.

Discover what Terhills has to offer you, and click on the pictures for more information!

Terhills Hotel

Four stars, 59 deluxe rooms: Terhills Hotel in Maasmechelen is the ultimate in comfort and class. The neoclassical baroque style of the imposing head mine building is a showpiece from our industrial past. In the present day the building has been given a trendy, contemporary makeover… Welcome to Terhills Hotel!

Main entrance gate Hoge Kempen National Park

Terhills is the home of the main entrance gate to the Hoge Kempen National Park, Connecterra. This is the ideal starting point for your visit to Terhills and the National Park.

Terhills Cablepark

Water skiing, wake boarding or knee boarding in an idyllic setting? Terhills Cablepark makes it all possible. Here you can also visit a large inflatable water park of 1,500 m2. It boasts obstacles up to 4m high!

Ecotron Hasselt University

Ecotron Hasselt University is a research complex located at the Terhills site. The university carries out research into climate change and its impact on biodiversity here.

Shopping at Terhills

Maasmechelen Village, which neighbours Terhills, welcomes you seven days a week to its picturesque setting on a car-free avenue with over 100 luxury fashion and lifestyle brands.